Who we are

Katherine, Niall, Chris, Ryan & the woofers!

The human team are ably supported by Hector and Digby, the office dogs. We may be small but we offer a complete package solution and a truly personal service. Our extended team includes web developers, photographers, copywriters and multi-media professionals. We've worked with most of them for years and know how to achieve the best results for a given project and client.

About Plain Design

Plain Design was established in 1998 as a graphic design agency, specialising in corporate identity, web and exhibition design. Its founder, Niall, began his working life 'when dinosaurs walked the earth' a Mac was something you wore and a PC was a tall man in a pointy hat. Luckily, Katherine knows what the ‘Cloud’ is, Chris can work an adding machine and Ryan knows how to switch on the electric, so we reckon we've got the technology more or less licked.

We build strong relationships with our clients based on trust and honesty. We like to believe we're reliable, flexible and always meet our promises. Judging by our retention of blue chip clients, some of you must believe it too.